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SEAT SPACER UPDATE Still have 10 pair ready to ship and today I ordered material to make the next 80 pair. Next run will probably will be available around July 4th weekend.
6 pair of spacers remaining. More available approx 7/4/19.
taco spacer comparison.JPG
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64 pair of new seat spacers should be ready soon. 12 pair already reserved. I do not accept pre-payments but I do put names on my notification list.
UPDATE 48 pair milled and polished. After finish mill and polish the remaining 16 pair will move to next step. Release should be on 6/30/19.
Now in final milling process before drilling holes in new 64 pair of spacers. Still should be available Sunday 6/30/19.
On schedule to start seat spacer sales Sunday 6/30/19. For those that have spacers reserved you are on my notify list and will receive a pm Sunday with payment instructions before I post any for sale.
Since my "out of stock" ebay ads have provided quite a few inquiries I will post a certain number of pairs in each ebay ad. Last time I ended up moving spacers back and forth between ebay and forums. I will not be doing that this run. If I sell out of my allotment for the forums with reduced prices then the only way to purchase will be on ebay at slightly higher prices. It is too much work moving inventory back and forth. I apologize now if that becomes an inconvenience. Thanks to all for the interest and sales. They will be available monthly in limited quantities each and every month that there is an interest.
64 new pair of seat spacers ready for drilling and final polishing. Yardwork tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. These should be ready to start shipping by late Sunday afternoon.
Was a busy 4th of July for seat spacers. For anyone that ordered 7/3 or 7/4 they are now heading to the post office
Down to the last 5 pair of seat spacers. Going on hiatus. More coming on or before Labor Day.
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Seat spacers are SOLD OUT. That is 146 pair sold. Thanks to all that purchased. While waiting for my new machine to arrive I may run out another 16 pair to clear my material rack. They may be up for sale mid August. Enjoying a little break from production right now.
On hiatus briefly. I have a new cnc machine arriving 7/30/19 to both speed up manufacturing and to expand my product line. Am also developing seat spacer versions for other vehicles. It may be late August or Labor Day before more are available. They will be back very soon.
I just realized that I have not updated my spacer pricing on this site. Direct member prices are $37 for one pair and $65 for two pair. That still includes the bolts and shipping. This is due to a couple of reasons. The 20% increase in fastener prices plus the fact the I am now paying taxes on profits. I only raised the prices by a couple of dollars. The same increase applies to my ebay ads now $39 and $69 to help absorb fees on top of the new income tax reporting. I apologize for the oversight.
Anyone interested I now have nearly 50 pair of 1" spacers finish machined. Will have all polished and ready to sell this weekend. The current prices for seat spacer kits, for forum members requesting by pm, is $37 for 1 pair and $67 for 2 pair.
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International sales with free shipping are now available on ebay at the ebay prices of $41 and $71
Also wanted to add pictures of the spacers installed on the FJ Cruiser
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I just shipped 20 sets of seat spacers, from pre-orders, and have 16 extra sets available. These are the last ones for the summer of 2023. Shipped prices are $33 for 1 seat or $60 for 2 seats.
License plate brackets are also available for $22 for the 2nd and 3rd gen Tacoma mini, $32 for 3rd gen Tacoma full and $34 for full for aftermarket bumpers.
003 driv side 2nd gen - Copy.jpg
taco loc.jpg
FJ side view - Copy.jpg
008 qf single kit.jpg
001b 2018_06260001.JPG
001d hidden bracket.jpg


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