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I am down to the last 6 sets of these spacers. After 4.5 years, and nearly 3300 sales, I have ended production of this particular product. I appreciate the support, positive reviews and sales of these spacers. These, along with my license plate brackets, paid for the new machines in my shop and supported my early retirement in 2020. I am extremely grateful. It is time for me to move on to something different. Once the last 6 sets are sold this style, which was my unique design, will only be available from the copycat Chinese sellers that stole my design. I am developing a new prototype and you may see another ad from me, for something new, in the near future. Thanks again.
New SAFE style seat spacers (bracket "in" spacer) are out of stock again until 9/27/23
005a fb ad.jpg
fb recommended seat posture.jpg
uniquely safe.jpg
002 FB AD A.jpg
003 fb ad.jpg
After 4.75 years, and 4,000 sales, these will no longer be made after inventory is depleted. I am down to less than a dozen kits, at $30 for 1 seat and $53 for both seats. I do appreciate the business over the years.
I thought I was finished making these however, after requests by 19 members of this and another forum, I ordered material today to make another run. After these are ready I may have an extra dozen pairs available. I will not be keeping a stock of these in the future. I now only make them when I receive enough requests. I have also changed the name from QuikFix seat spacers to "JACKAZZ by QuikFix" spacers. This is to distinguish mine from the "jackers". JACKAZZ spacers are only made to jack up the posterior.