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What is amsoil?


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For over 40 years, the name AMSOIL has meant the best performance, protection and value to millions of motorists. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and automotive products have been repeatedly proven superior to other brands. Available internationally, the name AMSOIL means the same thing worldwide: top-quality performance and protection.
• First API-rated 100 percent synthetic motor oil. • First to introduce the concept of “extended drain intervals” with a recommended 25,000-mile/12-month drain interval.
• First synthetic motor oil for diesel engines. • First synthetic motor oil for racing engines. • First synthetic motor oil for turbocharged engines. • First synthetic motor oil for marine engines. • First synthetic gear lube for automotive use. • First 100:1 pre-mix synthetic 2-cycle oil. • First Synthetic automatic transmission fluid.
So what does that mean for you and me? Savings protecting your truck or equipment with the worlds first synthetic oil manufacture, engine warranty protection though amsoil and the cost savings from either extended intervals of oil changes and other fluids, or using PI fuel additive with every oil change to clean our DI systems out?
Want to know more? contact me this is my small business i strive on helping people out with protecting and fixing problems with there cars and trucks! i will be making a couple threads highlighting our products.
Also 25% discount plus shipping for all T3G.com members! all my contact information can be found in my sig!


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Love amsoil. Used in my Honda’s, subarus, and already flushed my tacoma’s Differentials with severe gear.

You will have my business!