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Lord Humongous

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Jun 22, 2018
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2016 TRD OR DCSB Auto
Curious if anyone owns a ESAB machine and what you think about it? I'm about to pull the trigger on an ESAB 235ic EMP. only thing holding me back is it's not as big of a name like Miller. Sweedish design and built in one of the Carolinas. I've done allot of research an it seems like a good buy for a true multi process machine with good features, duty cycle and that its borderline 250 class?
There good machines , I've never had issues another I personally use for my tig is a everlast cheap and it works no prob its not as fancy and nice as the others but bang for the buck
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ESAB makes a good machine. We have been a Lincoln house forever and have been happy with them, but we would consider ESAB, Miller, and Lincoln all worth buying.
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