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TRD Off Road Wheel Vinyl and Center Cap Inlays


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Jul 13, 2018
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Hello Tacoma3G,

In summer 2017, my husband and I created a design using vinyl to see what his 2016 TRD Off Road wheels would look like blacked out before investing in expensive rims. After applying the decals, we realized that they actually looked great and we didn’t need to invest a large amount of money to get the same look! When we finally decided to sell the wheel decals in early 2018, we made modifications to the original design so that it would be much easier to apply than the original.

Over the past few months, we have sold hundreds of these decals to 3rd Generation Tacoma owners with Off Road wheels. We know that our product is not only a great fit for the 3rd generation Tacoma OR wheels, but from personal experience, we know that they last through various degrees of weather, pressure washing, off road adventures, etc.

If you are looking for a new mod that will make a huge difference in the look of your truck without breaking the bank, we highly recommend checking us out!

Our center cap inlays can be customized to the letters, image, or logo of your choice!

You can also request a special color for your wheel decals that would cover the chrome part of the rim.

Please message me with specific color or center cap requests.

Link to Purchase through Etsy

Link to Purchase Glossy Black Wheel Decals on Ebay
Link to Purchase Matte Black Wheel Decals on Ebay
Link to Purchase Glossy or Matte Black Wheel Decals and Center Cap Inlays on Ebay

Thank You,
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Hey @SimplyMuggle, happy to see you over here on T3G! Is there anyway you could show us how bronze vinyl would look on these?
Like @ScubaSteve318 I also would be interested in a bronze or Dark bronze.

Hi @Silent_Taco4x4

I could do a sample test on a wheel to give you a general idea of how they would look. My husband's truck is black and I have mostly seen owners of white trucks interested in the bronze color.

If you want to try a set of bronze and let us all know how they look on a white truck, I will give you a tester discount! ;)
EDIT: Please ignore. I asked a dumb question that I answered myself and now can't seem to delete my post.
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