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Looks great. I'm sure it sounds even better.
Thanks!! It sure does sound wayyyy better.

Just realized I never posted a clean pic. Took about 3 hours with the da, if I was a guessing man I’d say it took about 85% of the scratches out. If I had more time, and a smaller 3” da I probably could have gotten it to 95%. But pretty happy with the results.

Been quite awhile since my last update. Here we go!

Last year didn’t yield much as way of things being done. Updated the fogs to Amber/Yellow LED’s. Mainly for winter, which we really didn’t have last year or this year really.

Updated the grille. My stock one was chipping fake chrome, so I wanted something different. I’m not a fan of the PRO grille, but do like the grilled with big letters that say TOYOTA. So I got one of those installed.

Since I drive like 350+ miles a week, I really wanted to upgrade some speakers. The stock ones were really lacking volume and clarity. After extensive research and not wanting to break the bank. I decided on the Morel Maximo line. Maximo’s are Morels entry level but with great reviews. I also installed some DS18 drop in tweeters to give that crisp high I was missing. While doing all of this I wanted to sound deaden the doors at least while I had everything apart. Again lots of research and YouTube video reviews on various sound deadening, led me to Amazon Basics sound deadening. Install was easy on both accounts. Took me around 30-45 min each door to clean, install deadening, then install speakers.

Eventually I’ll get a 4 channel amp to power the speakers, and also pull the rear seats, sub set up to sound deaden there as well. Overall I’m super happy with the result. I think with an amp these speakers will come alive even more than they do already.

The last couple pics are from this weekend. I bought this truck to do truck stuff, so wife and I needed to update our flower beds. Drove to the hardware store and ended up with a yard & 1/2 of rock. I was definitely on bump stops, but the taco did great, and a few hours later it was back to normal. Figured I throw a pic of the house once it was done too.