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Wanted Tacoma Hood Swap Thread

I have a scoop hood to trade and want a NON-scoop.

Mine: 2020 Magnetic Gray Metallic, BRAND NEW from a TRD Sport
Yours: 2020 same model and color, WITHOUT scoop. Must be in new or excellent condition.

Direct Message me to arrange a swap.

I just bought this truck from dealer in South Seattle, WA (Burien). I live in Alaska and it will be shipped to me in 2 weeks. So you have 2 weeks to drive there and give them your hood to swap onto my truck. I'm in Alaska (not there), so I must pay the dealer to remove/attach my hood. You can wrench yours yourself or pay the dealer, but I won't pay for yours. After all, I am providing THE COVETED SCOOP !

Realizing that the odds weren't in my favor, I went the Seibon route.






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Location: Holland, MI

Have Super White non-scooped, looking for scooped! Will take any color scooped hood, will pay extra $ if also Super White!
I have a 2020 cement trd off road non scooped hood

Want a cement trd sport or trd pro scooped hood

Will throw in extra money and my hood comes with spiker hood struts

Thanks Geoff
Have 2017 Tacoma quicksand non scoop hood.

looking for quicksand w/ scoop hood. Will pay $200 on top.

located in Austin TX
If you’re reading this post, are you able to reply to this thread? (Just checking because there were some permission settings changed for this section.)
If you’re reading this post, are you able to reply to this thread? (Just checking because there were some permission settings changed for this section.)
Gonna say...yes?
Looking to trade cement grey scooped hood off my ‘19 trd sport for a cement grey non-scooped. Current hood as a few minor hail dings, otherwise excellent condition. Located in Phila, PA. With the minor dings I’m willing to sweeten the deal on my end, depending on the condition of your hood.
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Well, no one wanted to swap hoods at the Moore Expo...ill repost then:

Have non-scooped, looking for scooped super white hood!
Will through in some cash and extra New Holland Overland goodies if interested!
(Holland, MI) - Will drive a few hours
I know this is a unicorn wish but here it goes anyway

Have: Black Non-scoop
want : Black scooped

2017 year anywhere on the west coast I will drive to you. I travel a lot and live in an RV full time so I can make a fun trip out of it

my hood is in great condition no major scratches or dents.
Howz it my braddahs🤙🏾 I’m new to this feed. I Just bought a super white 2018 Off-road Tacoma from a dealer last month.I want to trade my non-scooped hood, looking for scooped! will pay extra $. I also live in Las Vegas Nevada. Thanks


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