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Wanted Tacoma Hood Swap Thread

Nick BBP

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May 4, 2018
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Figured I'd make a thread for anyone looking to swap a nonscooped hood for scooped hoods and vise versa. Just post what color you have, if you have scoop/nonscoop and what you're looking for. Be sure to include location because a hood swap in CA to MA wouldn't work out very well.
get the scoop and drop in a Spartan X Customs lightbar!
Silver metallic non scoop looking for scooped hood. SoCal (San Diego). Will drive as far as LA for pickup. I have a 2018 taco so hood is brand new. HMU!
I've got a non scooped cement gray hood, looking for a scooped. Located in Portland.
Looking for quicksand hood scoop. Located in Las Vegas NV.
I think it would hilarious if someone actually posted in here they were looking for a non scooped hood.
I know. It’ll probably never happen. All us non-scoop peasants will never have that unicorn of a hood.
i have a nonscooped super white in hawaii, looking for a scooped hood.
silver non-scoop with decal looking for scooped hood will add $$ located Rialto,Ca. Will drive....ANYWHERE