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SOS Tax Sale! 20% Off [Closed]

Well, I mean March 15 isn’t tax day :unsure:
So previously W2s had to be mailed by Feb 15th so originally it was run Feb 15- Mar 15 now we just went Jan 31 since that's when W2s had to be shipped. I know last day to file anything is Apr. 15 (I think eeeek)
Last week to get your order in boys and girls. This sale has gone really well so far and we appreciate everyone's participation and orders.
Last day of the sale guys and gals. Get the armor while the getting is hot.
Sorry fellas we didn't do the drawing today we forgot the list of order #s Eddy will be doing the drawing on one of those random draw apps. As soon as I know the winner I'll post it and it'll be posted on our social media as well as an email sent to the winner. Sorry we were a little occupied with planning and navigating what is happening across the country right now. We haven't forgotten but right now we want to get all your paid orders out to you asap!!!


So let me just put everyone's mind at ease SOS is not going anywhere nor is slowing production or sales at this time period!!!!! We had a productive meeting today and all is well. Plans are in place to deal with this as best we can and weather out the storm of what's going on. Again be patient with shipping as we are running into some delays though not horrendous just slight at this time.

Thanks for all the support fellas!!!

So everything on the floor here plus a few other orders are shipping out on Wed. A truck load of stuff is headed to PC this week. Thanks everyone for being patient and working with us. Keep the orders coming we will work around through all the craziness.


Wanted to catch this before we got flooded with questions

BIG UPDATE!!!!!!!!!

Just in case you see the news about SC starting to shut down rest assured we are still going to be working. It won't be until something forces SOS to stop running that the doors will shut we've got mouths to feed and lives to uphold. Plus we have a commitment to you to build your products you ordered, thanks for the support during this time!!! We appreciate all our customers and patience as we navigate what is happening right now.

Also if you placed an order and chose local pick up and would like us to install please PM me ASAP