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Power management question


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Apr 13, 2018
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NW Washington
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Ok, so just ordered @Pelfreybilt battery cage so that I can run a group 31 agm battery. I have a Goal Zero Yeti 400 lithium power bank and I am going to be buying a 100w solar panel from Goal Zero as well. So to stop rambling and get to my question!

I am going to be purchasing a ARB 63qt fridge and I am just trying to get some insight from other people that are running fridges, curious on how long I can possible be parked without running the truck.

Other question would be what would be the best way to run solar to my truck battery for recharging? Feel free to be brutally honest if this is a silly question :sneaky:
Charge controller, 2-100 watt panels, and fuse system.
Need to prevent overcharge which is why you need the charge controller, you will probably be fine with 1-100w panel for a single battery setup. And you want to put breaks in there in case of any over current so a fuse system would be optimal.

Fast route to “we overland now” haha
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I ran my ARB fridge on my single AGM for about 5 days on medium voltage protection and it started without any problems. The fridge temp rose to about 40 degrees but there was only beer in it so no problemo
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