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Hello Tacoma3g.com!

Victory 4x4 is new to the Tacoma market, but not new to the industry. We are the sister company of JcrOffroad, who has been proving high quality, USA made armor to the Jeep industry for 15+ years. JCR is co-owned by Brian Meyers and Daryl Hutson and one day Daryl decided to sell his Cherokee and buy 3rd gen, and here we are :ROFLMAO:

We come to this market a little differently. Our past involves a lot of hardcore rock crawling and trail riding, lately though, we've been hooked on the adventure and destination as opposed to just the trail. Therefore our Toyota products tend to be designed to get you there with everything you may need, no matter where "there" is. We are mountain bikers, runners, kayakers, campers, adventurers, and overlanders (whatever that means anymore); and we hope you enjoy the content that comes out of those adventures as well.

Nice to meet you all. (y)

Heard some great feedback about you guys! Welcome to the forum...I’ll be looking for a new rear bumper soon and you’ll be seeing me around. Also, great install vids. Keep up the great work!!!
Awesome vid, welcome!!
I am waiting on my new rear bumper and have a request. I have a RAM set up to haul and carry. I use it regularly to pull my 36 food two car hauler to car shows and car club events. I will never tow with the Taco. I want to delete the factory hitch when I install your new rear bumper upgrade. Can you fabricate a hitch delete cross member that will tie the rear end together and mount to your rear bumper? Soon! Please.
We haven't tested it specifically, but I can't see needing to run the hitch or a crossmember with our bumper. You would need some spacers thought to take up the thickness of the hitch on both sides of the frame.