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Who is Remmen Brakes.

Remmen Brakes

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Hi guys.

Sam here, so a little info on Remmen Brakes.

The name itself is relatively new, but we've been in the brake industry for over 12 years, our specialty lies with R&D and production, in last several years we've worked from designing brake systems for armored vehicles to carbon ceramic brake systems for hyper cars, with those experiences we focus on consistent quality on all our products.

Our goal at T3G here is to get feedback that we can apply to our products, to know what people want in terms of improving their brakes performance.

We hope to hear more from you guys, please visit our website:

www.remmenbrakes.com for more information about us.

You can email us at any time:


We will soon set up a rebate program for T3G members.


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2017 Quicksand Off-Road Double Cab, Long Bed Automatic
I think most Tacoma enthusiasts wish their Tacomas came with rear disc brakes. Just saying.

Also do you guys have any plans to develop a performance brake kit for the Tacoma? I've already stressed and overheated my brakes and destroyed the factory rotors once with all the weight I carry.