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Wheel Well Liner


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May 8, 2018
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Phoenix, AZ
2017 TRD OR DCLB Auto
Hey guys,

What are you all doing with your wheel wells and liners? To those who have beaten the pinch weld down etc are you keeping the liner in and using a heat gun to flex it, are you cutting parts of the liner away, using spray rubberized liner?
I cut away the parts of the liner that I didn't need and actually folded the pinch weld over the parts that I was keeping in order to retain them. After that I trimmed the flare as much as I was comfortable doing, and filled in any gaps that were left over where mud/snow/etc could accumulate. Then I used a rubberized undercoating to seal it up and blend it in. Doing it this way will make it a pain in the ass if I ever need to remove the liner for some reason down the road, just keep that in mind.
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