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VORSHEER XER - Overland Trailer (NEW MODEL!)


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VORSHEER LLC, Springville, Utah

We are happy to announce a new overland trailer! We love building trailers. We expect this model to be very popular. Hopefully we get one behind a Tacoma soon!




Like our flagship the XOC, this trailer will be very capable of off-road travel. It will have 21" of clearance (well above the Tacoma's stock clearance of 9.4"). The idea being, if your Tacoma can drive over it, you don't have to worry about the trailer following you. And at just 1350 lbs dry, your Tacoma will do very well having this trailer tag behind it. This trailer comes standard with 10" electric drum brakes. So if you don't already have one, a trailer brake controller with a 7-way trailer connector would be a good thing to add to your Tacoma.

This trailer does not have a cabin but instead will use a roof top tent (any brand will work - our standard brands are 23 Zero or Hutch). This trailer is more of a fair weather trailer as you will not have a cabin heater. It will have the rest of the goodies to keep your family happy for longer periods of time while out on the trailer. It can be outfitted with awnings, dual batteries, usb chargers, solar panels, water tank (15 gallons), water heater, sink, stove and a fridge/freezer combo (contact us for a detailed list of options).

With the current situation, there is a shortage on the 3500 lbs Timbre Suspension (again, trailer weighs just 1350 lbs so your suspension/trailer can handle 2000+ lbs of gear - should be over built for most instances - guess it depends on the family :). With that suspension shortage, we have the one trailer pictured that made it out of production. The next batch we hope to have completed in July when we're able to get Timbren suspensions again. That trailer pictured is available!

If you're interested, shoot an email over to us at info@vorsheer.com or call/text us at 385-685-5037. We're happy to answer any questions you have.

The XER is available at these dealerships: Dealer Locater | VORSHEER Off-road Camp Trailers


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Yes, next week we should have one outfitted. The front box has the dual batteries and then behind the spare tire swing arm will be the sink, stove and fridge/freezer combo. As soon as I have pictures, I'll post them here. Thanks!