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TOTAL CHAOS | Expedition Series +2" Long Travel


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Jun 6, 2018
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TOTAL CHAOS is excited to announce the release of the all-new 2” Expedition Series long travel kit. With the success of the stock length Expedition Series lower control arms it was only natural to incorporate the upgraded features into one of our long travel systems.

Enthusiasts and racers alike can now benefit from the increased strength of a billet CNC machined uniball end piece and integrated steering stop tabs which retain the factory turning angle.

Increasing a vehicle’s track width improves performance in a few different ways. With a wider stance comes improved cornering stability and increased wheel travel. Do you want more articulation when crawling over obstacles on the trail? Want to carry more speed through rough terrain? Long travel is what you’re looking for.

Going with a 2” kit vs. something wider has its up-sides as well. When paired with certain wheel and tire combinations, a 2” kit may not require aftermarket fiberglass fenders like other wider long travel kits. Trail width limitations are also something to consider. A 3.5” or wider prerunner suspension system may be perfect for the desert but too wide for tight trails littered with trees, rocks and other obstacles.

Extended 4130 chromoly upper and lower control arms increase the vehicle's track width 2" per side and bolt to factory control arm mounting locations yielding 11.5" of travel. Upper and lower control arms utilize urethane bushings and steel inner sleeves which greatly reduce bushing deflection compared to stock rubber bushings.

Both the upper and lower ball joints are upgraded to 1" uniballs for maximum wheel travel. Custom TC 1" I.D. uniballs feature a heat treated stainless steel ball & race for superior corrosion resistance and component strength. A military grade PTFE woven fabric liner surrounds the uniball which helps prevent noise and debris buildup.

The Expedition Series 2" kit lower control arms come pre-tabbed for secondary external bypass shocks which can be installed to increase dampening and offer more tunability. Secondary shocks are not required when installing this kit, however it makes for a significant improvement in ride quality and furthers your vehicle's off road capability.

As the control arms extend outward, the brake lines need to be extended to reach the brakes. TC has you covered and includes DOT approved stainless steel braided brake lines. For vehicles with 4WD, custom 4340 extended axles are available, although not included with the kit. These axles reuse factory Toyota inner and outer CV's for ease of maintenance and install. Adjustable limit strap clevises are included to properly limit suspension droop wheel travel and allow necessary adjustments during the life of the limit strap.

A great upgrade to compliment the 2" Expedition Series long travel kit is the custom TC extended swaybar. With a lighter rate than the OEM piece, this sway bar improves cornering stability at high speeds without compromising wheel travel or articulation. The sway bar is an upgrade and is not included with the kit.

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