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Topper / Camper Topper/Hardshell Reinforcement


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I think I originally put this in the wrong thread...

Hello Friends,

My topper has been added! I know you either love or hate them but this will be extremely practical for my family and I. The plan is to put a more sturdy rack on top, possibly a Front Runner Outfitters, and then add a RTT. I'm nervous about the added weight on the topper and am wondering who has experience reinforcing a topper? I appreciate any advice!



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Rob Daman

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Welcome to the #hardshelltacocrew

I would ask your dealer or the manufacturer what the weight limits are. Since I see rails on yours I'm going to assume that it may be reinforced already but definitely confirm and get your specs.

At least for SnugTop what they do for their Sportsman models is make the fiberglass thicker to withstand the extra stress.

I'd suggest bed stiffeners as well due to the planned extra weight.

I'm looking for a set myself due to offroading.