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The Last Three Rear Plate Bumpers from Relentless (Sold Out)

Relentless Fabrication

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Tacoma3G O.G.
*** Thanks for everyone's interest! All the rear plate bumpers have been sold. ***

Everyone - we have three of these bumpers left in stock and would like to find homes for them!

Remember these?



We have one with cutouts for Baja Designs lighting and two with Rigid cutouts. Included is your choice of hitch of your choice.

Key features
-Made from 3/16”, ¼”, and ¾” thick steel, CNC cut and bent, and MIG welded for unbeatable quality and rugged good looks with the strength to back them up.
-Reuse your factory license plate lights, unlike other aftermarket bumpers!
-Greatly improved clearance over low hanging factory bumper and hitch.
-Mounts through 1/4" steel mounting brackets, and uses up to 5 mounting points per side of frame for 10 total mounting points!
- Standard 3/4" recovery points, and cutout hi-llft jacking points.
-Each bumper is hand made to order to your exact specifications.
-Ships in bare steel leaving coating preference up to you.
- Only 75lbs base bumper weight(lighter than factory bumper/hitch, but stronger!)

No vehicle modification is necessary to install. Simply remove the factory rear bumper and bolt the beefier Relentless rear plate bumper up with basic hand tools!
**Factory tow hitch will NOT work with this bumper. I can integrate a hitch into the bumper, but since I cannot get it officially tested like the factory hitch, it comes unrated for capacity and full responsibility and liability is on you if you decide to tow with it. I'm sure you can understand, theres just a lot of liability there that I can't claim. These are off-road bumpers.

Pricing is $849 bare and $999 powder coated.

Act fast - these will probably go quickly!

To order give us a call at 775-200-0544. We're usually in the office between 9am-5pm (Pacific) M-F.

Relentless Fabrication
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Here are a few more photos to give you a better view of the plate bumpers.



We've only got three left so act quickly. Give us a call at 775-200-0544 and leave a voicemail. We'll be out of the office the week of December 23rd and back the following week. We'll hold bumpers on a first-come-first-voicemail basis and will follow up as soon as we return.

Happy holidays everyone!

Relentless Fabrication
The plate bumper with the Baja Designs cutouts has been spoken for. These leaves two with Rigid cutouts.

Relative to the hitch receiver you can select our high clearance (hidden behind the license plate) receiver, standard receiver which is welded underneath the bumper, or no hitch.

Give us a call at 775-200-0544 to secure your bumper before they are gone!

Relentless Fabrication