The journey to 35s!


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Well I’ve had my Tacoma a year. I’ve done a few things here and there and now I think I’m ready for 35s. So after research I am aware and fine with chopping up my body mount and welding a plate, beating down the pinch weld, and I’m having the spindle reinforcement ordered here shortly. I have a 3” level currently, however, I’m slowly going to the high maintenance long travel piece by piece. My question is, stuffing these bad 315/75r16 on my 16x9 rims, will the tires clear my factory front bumper? Or will I end up ripping it off the second I stuff the tires on an off road adventure? People with 35s have long travel from what I’ve seen and aftermarket bumpers. Haven’t seen one with the factory front bumper without a 6” lift yet.


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