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Sangi's Build Tread


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Apr 1, 2019
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Long Island, New York/Wurtsboro, New York
2016 Sport DCSB Auto
Hey all, been lurking on the instagram for a while, finally decided to check out the forums. Frequent member of TW (the actual forum, not the facebook group)
I've got a 2016 Tacoma TRD Sport, Inferno, DCSB that I bought on May 1st, 2016. My first ever new truck, owned a '96 Blazer and an '05 Frontier. Also the first vehicle I decided I would build up legit. While my family are "American" car people, I've always known and respected the reliability and legendary quality of Japanese vehicles. After my Frontier only died because I beat the crap out of it, I knew I wanted to stay in the mid-size pickup category, full size didn't fit my needs. At the time there were only 4 mid-size pickups, the GM twins (which were ok), the Frontier (which the 2016 looked identical to my 2005) and the Tacoma. I saw an Inferno in the lot after test driving, fell in love, and after waiting 3 weeks for my order, I got my first ever new truck! Mods started soon after, and I have no intention of slowing down.
Overland Bound: Member #5765
Current Mileage

Transformation Tuesday!
Here's an updated before and after:

As of 4/8/2019, here's a basic list of mods:
UPDATED 9/15/20 10/10/20 4/12/22 6/5/23

-Toytec 3"Boss kit, rear resi's
-ARB FK29 Old Man Emu Fitting Kit
-Icon Tubular Upper Control Arms
-Archive Hammer Hangers
-BAMF shackles
-Alcan leaf springs
-Alcan U-bolt flip kit

-Stealth Customs Series Stealth 6's in matte black (x5)
-BF Goodrich KO2's (275/75/r17) (x5)
-Falken Wildpeak 285/70/r17 x4 (I still need a spare)

-Mobtown Offroad sliders (0 degree)
-Relentless Fabrication Summit Bumper w/ Rigid pods/amber lens as fog lights.
-Relentless Fabrication Hi-clearance rear bumper w/swingout
-Relentless Fabrication Front skid plate (not on yet)
-Dual ARB compressor (expedition essentials cubby mount)

-2 Baja S2 Pros w/amber lens (ditch mounts)
-Meso Ultimate Turn Signals (V3)
-Meso Dome light (V2)

-Blue Sea Systems ST Blade ATO/ATC Fuse Block
-Shapeways 3 button mount
-100w Renology solar panel
-Interstate deep cycle marine battery, used for auxiliary power (mainly the CSI)(plugged into the solar, separate system-not tied to trucks electrical at all)

-DECKED system
-Prinsu Cabrac
-x1 Pelican storage boxes
-Caliraisedled bed Molle panel (rear-left quarter)
-Molle panel behind the front seat
-Molle panel on the middle rear seat
-CBI bed rack
-Leer 100R w/Prinsu
-Meso Hex rack
-Rago Fab center console molle panels
-Custom-made 60% rear seat delete (this is a small project-in-process)

-BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio
-Uniden PRO505XL CB Radio

-MBRP 3" Cat-back exhaust
-TRD Pro Intake
-Dobinsons Snorkel
-OVTune- running 93 octane performance

-KDMax 9.0

-Inspired Overland Lightweight RTT
-Yakima Skyrise RTT
-6" ARB Awning
-4" ARB Awning

-8" ARB Awning
-Overland Pro's privacy tent
-Badlands 12k winch
-CSI Black Ice Fridge/Freezer

-AVS Bug guard
-AVS in-channel window visors
-Bushwacker fender flares
-Rago Fab CB antenna mount

-Redline tuning hood struts
-Tailgate inserts
-plastidipped badges
-Taillight covers
-AJT Key Fob
-Hondo mount

-Full skids
-Dual Batteries

Various Pictures (at random points in the build)
DSC_0918 (2).JPG
DSC_0935 (2).JPG
DSC_0926 (2).JPG


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Hello and HOLY COW! What a beautiful truck you have there.

Welcome to the best 3rd gen Tacoma group! Look forward to seeing more and more of this truck ?
Welcome aboard, nice build.
Welcome to the forum! That transformation is no joke, dude.

Finally, another Long Island native. Where have you been wheeling over there?
I literally can't wait to get back and hit Smith Point. I have so many memories there. Obviously it doesn't compare to anything I've been able to do living in Cali, but I'm excited nonetheless.
Damn this is a sick build. Welcome !
Tune got delivered, ran into a bit of a snag tho. Since my trucks a 2016, I need to get a TSB done so my ECU has the right calibration file. A little annoying, but it should be done soon!
My @Relentless Fabrication bumper is getting delivered tomorrow as well, just in time for me to not be home for the weekend! Next week is gunna be killer!
No pics, but as of last friday, my @OVTune was officially installed! It's been sitting in the truck for about three months.
Initial reaction, it's awesome! Truck feels so much smoother, gears are smooth, shifting is smooth, low rpms are smooth. Low end torque feels sooo much nicer. Its only been four days and I already see a mpg increase. Needless to say, I should have done this a long time ago.
Painted my interior color matched! Looks awesome. Satin paprika rustoleum is a tad brighter than inferno, but its damn near close!
Sorry for the low quality, I'm squeezed in my garage, its 9pm at night and its storming out.
Man I am horrible at keeping up and updating my own thread. Couple things that happened recently. I "de-overlanded" my truck for the winter (i.e. took off all my gear, top boxes, bed rails, rtt) to keep everything safe from these salty NY winters. And finally bought a set of maxtrax!

I acquired a new project! A 1958 Jeep/Willys CJ5! Going to restore it and use it as a show/summer vehicle! Plenty of rust, but the frames got no rot and the engine still runs.

Finally, I updated my tune to the 93 performance (holy hell that's a change) and replaced my crappy amazon ditch pods for some proper Baja Pros!
While I'm pretty satisfied with where the taco is at right now, the builds never done. But it will be on the back burner for now as I focus on my Jeep. That being said, UCA's (most likely Icon) are in the near future.
That Jeep is badass. I think there are a few people selling the Icon UCAs on here, but they’re obviously not local to us.

I was gonna ask for your help loading my toolbox into my truck today.

That Jeep is badass. I think there are a few people selling the Icon UCAs on here, but they’re obviously not local to us.

I was gonna ask for your help loading my toolbox into my truck today.

Anytime bro! Just shoot me a text if you need anything!
Gotta update this more often! Traded in my bed bars for a cbi bed rack! Looks awesome, I'm so happy with it. That being said if anyone wants a set of kbvoodoo bed bars, hit me up.
Got my solar setup ready, just gotta find time to put it together and mount it on the truck. Running into some problems tryna squeeze it between the gun cases on the prinsu.
I’m diggin the wrap on the roof/tailgate! Did you do it yourself?