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Rock Sliders - Pure Rock Sliders and Step Rock Sliders


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May 1, 2018
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Cali Raised Led

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Pure Rock Sliders Link

Step Rock Sliders Link


Hey 3G Family,

It is time to formally introduce our full rock slider product line!!! We started with our Pure Rock Sliders and after talking to a lot of customers, we are proud to also release our Step Rock Sliders.

Starting off we designed both of these rock sliders to be the real deal! We offer both weld on and bolt on applications for all of our sliders. Weld on is approx. 15lbs less and will be the strongest option for the hard core guys. However, don't look down on our bolt on sliders, these are rock solid and lifting the whole side of the truck, we have measured only 1/4" of flex which is the same as our weld on rock sliders. So you are getting the just about the same strength with a bolt on application!

All of our sliders are DOM 1.75" tubing, with zero up charge for better material, it is our standard. Same goes for our kick out options, zero up-charge for a kick out. Both Pure Rock Sliders and Step Rock Sliders are the same price, so there is no up charge for either of those as well. We also have flat rate shipping for these with a few other options. Please see below.

Moving forward to our bolt on sliders. Our frame plates have been designed to be an absolute perfect fit. They are 3/16" steel plate that have been CNC cut and bent for a perfect fit every time. These are also complex as they have many bends to allow them to fit around all of the fun obstacles that Toyota designed into the 2nd and 3rd Gen frames. One of our frame plates for DCLB has 8 bends in it to ensure it is perfect. We have taken a lot of care to make sure these are ideal for every application. We also designed and use our new frame clamping system. Our frame plates use specially designed clamping plates to hook onto the inside of your frame and provide the strength and support you need to keep your sliders from flexing.

Next is our Step Rock Sliders and the option for filler plates. Our Pure Rock Sliders are designed to be tight to your Tacoma so there is no functional use for filler plates. However, our Step Rock Sliders are designed to be a functional step. With these we offer our aluminum rivet on filler plates. These have a lot of 1.5" dimple dies going the full length of the Step Rock Slider. These can be installed in both dimple up and dimple down configurations. Dimple up for maximum grip and traction on the rock slider for accessing your truck or getting up onto the roof. Or they can be ran dimple down for a very clean and custom looking slider. The other cool option is they are not welded into place. This will allow you to powder coat or paint them a different color. If you have a quicksand Tacoma you can have black sliders and color match your filler plates to match your truck. Or you can have them Line-X'd for even more grip and protection.

Lastly we designed these sliders and our manufacturing techniques to be fast! Meaning our wait times are not like other companies. Most of the time we actually carry a small inventory of sliders that can ship within 2-3 days (takes time to book freight) or at worst we have a 7 business day wait, which is way ahead of the industry standard of 6 - 8 weeks!

Please feel free to post any questions you may have or shoot us a DM. We are happy to help!


We Offer 4 Methods For Shipping:

- Residential Delivery With Lift Gate Service: Freight Company will deliver the Sliders to your house on a pallet and provide assistance (if needed) with unloading. Freight shipping takes roughly 7-14 days depending on your location. Once the order is placed we will contact the freight company to set up the shipping services. Once shipped you will be provided with a master # to track your shipment.

-Delivery To A Business: Freight Company will deliver the Sliders to a business location on a pallet. Freight shipping takes roughly 7-14 days depending on your location. Once the order is placed we will contact the freight company to set up the shipping services. Once shipped you will be provided with a master # to track your shipment.

-Will Call Pickup From Cali Raised: When The order is placed it will be prepped for pickup. One of our representatives will contact you when the sliders are available for pickup. We also offer Installation services at an additional fee that can be scheduled before pickup.

- Will Call Pickup From Distribution Center: We have a close relationship with a local distributor with warehouses located throughout California, Arizona, And Nevada. If you select this option we will deliver the sliders to the local facility and they will be transferred to the location of your choice. Transfers run to each location daily so it takes roughly 3 days to be available for pickup. When ready one of our reps will contact you to notify you that they are available for pickup. The sliders will be in will call packaged on a pallet and ready for pickup.


We have a Facility in Barrigada, GU that sliders can be picked up from. Shipping cost is $250.


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Heres an install we did the other day that has our 0-degree sliders powder coated with filler plates.


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Protect your truck with the Apex Fabworks Rock Sliders. These are a universal fit between 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen Tacomas . Made from DOM 1.75" tubing, we don't up charge you for better material or for features like kick outs. Our sliders are made the best way we know how for the best fit and protection standard, no up charge. You can choose between Bolt-On or Weld-On. Bolt-On sliders come with all the required hardware you need for the install and are installed with zero modification to your truck. Weld-On sliders have an added location feature, no more jack stands and wood blocks trying to figure out where they go, bolt them in place and weld them on.
So, I'm confused, with all the bumping and such shouldn't this thread be in the vendors section?
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Let me know if you have any questions!


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