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RobDaman and Taco formerly known as HardshellTaco

Rob Daman

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May 1, 2018
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Orange County CA
2017 TRD OR DCSB Manual
Latest walk around video of my SEMA build!

View: https://youtu.be/6kA4C14Qoa4

Really honored to be on Adventure Rigs Magazine premiere issue (released at SEMA) both online and in print!


adventure rigs.jpg

RDM Pros SEMA 2019-4.jpg


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Hi all,

Here's my first sticker of HardShellTaco!!!

It's made of durable vinyl that will take the heat from the sun with no issues and is pretty sticky as well.

It's about 3 x 2 inches.

Price is $5 shipped (for quantity of 1) or $8 (for quantity of 2) anywhere in USA or territories wherever a single USPS Forever stamp delivers to.

Proceeds are to help my YouTube channel grow. Donations are also welcome and appreciated!

Here's my PayPal link www.paypal.me/robdaman

NOTE: Mini Taco NOT included.


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My stickers, auxbeam 32 inch light bar, that cool Expedition Essentials compressor bed mount, and digital pic from, solar power battery bank n emergency tool from Aluratek.

What all did you get?
Dude that’s a mean looking taco

I'm happy the color worked. I loves me the lip


QUOTE="jeremy5000, post: 3000, member: 263"]Love this thing and your videos man! The mag blue TE37s look so much better on quicksand than I would have ever expected.[/QUOTE]
Just watched your last upload, awesome work! Tell the kids they did a great job as well, they the real stars!
Hey nice to see you on board over here!

Thanks I appreciate that. My kids are definitely my stars. Non of this is rehearsed and always comes out great. we have fun. Jesse just gets a little distracted while being the camera man but he's getting better. lol

Just watched your last upload, awesome work! Tell the kids they did a great job as well, they the real stars!
That thing is sick where are you putting it? Gotta be behind grille or bumper
comparo video of the 2 compressors I got. I didn't directly compare them to the 33 inch cooper maxx I had. Also I found a really old compressor I thought to put into the mix

Happy Taco TWOsday all!

2 Youtube videos are up and I'm proud of both of them.

The first was helping out noobs who never DIY'd but wanted to because of yours truly.

The second video is from the Tacomabeast / Eibach meet. I did a lot of work on this one and feel it's my best editing so far as a YouTuber.

I hope you guys enjoy both! I wouldn't be doing videos if I hadn't received so much support!