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Relentless Fabrication - 05+ Tacoma Modular Bed Rack

Relentless Fabrication

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Jul 12, 2018
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Sparks, NV
Are you looking for the ultimate bed rack for your Tacoma? Look no further!

Relentless Fabrication - 2005+ Tacoma Modular Bed Rack

Our modular bed rack has been in development for over 2 years of design and thorough testing to ensure our customers receive a rack that will be trouble free and solid for years of hard offroad use! The sheet metal nature of this bed rack system allows for unlimited mounting possibilities. We offer a generous number of holes and mount patterns pre-cut to mount your favorite accessories but if you find you want to mount something unique it is as simple as adding a few new mounting holes or brackets of your own.

Mount popular items with ease such as:

Roof top tents- we include slotted holes on all 3 cross rails to line up with popular tent rail mount spacing.

Rotopax- Our racks include several rotopax mount hole patterns conveniently located in every link bar of the rack.

Traction boards- We offer optional brackets that bolt on to our link bars so you can mount Tred Pro's or Maxtrax boards to the side of your rack.

Hi lift jacks, shovels, axes, etc!- Add some quick fists or bolt in some studs and secure your needed tools!

The details:

Rack sits 12" high over bed rails...
We chose this height as it is the minimum that would allow us to fit Rotopax and Traction boards on the sides, while keeping the tent down enough to not catch much wind on the highway and also give a reasonable amount of cargo room under the rack in the truck bed.

Manufactured from 12ga Laser cut and CNC brake formed steel, with 3/16" thick mount plates.
These materials allow for a very very strong rack, but keeps the weight reasonable as to not impact your trucks cargo capacity too much.

Mounts to the truck with no modifications necessary!
Our rack mounts to the factory bed side tie down tracks with 12 grade 8 bolts and T-nuts. Only tools required to assemble and mount rack is a pair of 9/16" sockets/wrenches. In total the rack is solidly held together with 80 grade-8 3/8" bolts and nyloc nuts to keep the rack tight and solid over years of use.

Modular rack system
The bolt together nature of this rack makes it easier to ship than welded tubular racks and cargo bars, and also allows the rack to be broken down into the smaller pieces for storage during the winter months if it is not needed on the truck. Easily fits on a shelf in your garage. The modular nature also means that 1 person can assemble and mount it on the truck. Approx weight, complete is 80lbs.

Notes: NOT Tonneau cover compatible. Tonneau must be removed for installation.
Rack ships broken down for easier shipping and will require assembly.


Racks are made in periodic batches approximately 25 racks at a time. We will update stock numbers as we have racks available, but racks can still be ordered while 'back ordered' is listed as a form of pre-ordering a rack from our next batch manufactured. DO NOT assume racks are in stock for immediate shipping unless we have been contacted and specifically stated we have racks in stock.

Bare rack manufacturing time is 4-6 weeks when 'back ordered' is listed, powder coat adds 2 to 3 weeks additional.


Relentless Fabrication
Modular Bed Rack Install 1.jpg

Modular Bed Rack Install 2.jpg

Modular Bed Rack going in! Order yours today:
Relentless Fabrication - Modular Bed Rack

Relentless Fabrication
The Relentless Fabrication modular bed rack has enough room for your four-legged friends to join for the adventure. We designed this rack to sit just high enough to mount traction boards & rotopax while sitting low enough to have your RTT not catch too much wind on the highway

Order a bed rack for your truck today:
Relentless Fabrication | Tacoma Modular Bed Rack