Power loss/brake lock up in 4hi - specific circumstances

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So we've now had multiple instances in 4wd where we experienced some strange behaviors.

The first is what seems to be a significant power loss under certain conditions. No not the standard anemic 3.5 stuff.

Scenario: Vehicle on a slight decline with the front wheels in a sort of a dip/trench, or against a rut upslope.

In all instances the truck acts as if it's high centered or a wheel is off the ground, it wasn't. Hitting the throttle the power seems to go nowhere. We had it happen again today and I immediately put it in 4lo with the locker and was able to get out but even once we were moving the power was extremely low. That is until about ten feet forward when all of the sudden it kicked back in.

The second issue is I turn traction control off when off road (stopped, press and hold for 5-7 seconds, both lights on dash). Occasionally I will be cruising along on uneven terrain and the truck will hit the brakes and cut all power out of nowhere. I'll have to come to a complete stop for the truck to reset and allow power again. Am I missing something in deactivating traction control? The way it does it seems incredibly unsafe to me as what if it cuts out and brakes right at the worst possible time?

Anyone experienced similar issues?
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