Peflreybilt Abandoned Property Auction 2/13/19 - Hundreds of Bumpers, Sliders and Skid Plates

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Hello, my name is Jeremy McCormack and we are having an on-line public auction of the former Pelfreybilt Off-Road warehouse stock that was abandoned in El Cajon, CA on 02/13/19 on the HiBid platform. There are hundreds of front and rear bumbers, rock sliders, skid plates, NATO cans and manufacturing tools. For details and a link to photos and the auction website you can contact me directly at 619-504-7911. Much of this stock is already palletized and wrapped for shipping. To be clear – this is not spam and we are the auction company representing the warehouse owner and have NO ties to Pelfreybilt. We sympathize with the members of the Toyota Community who had bad experiences with Pelfreybilt.