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OEM Headlights, Taillights, & Third Brake Light


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I just put on some aftermarket lights and I have the OEM Headlights, Taillights, & Third Brake Light if anyone is interested. Truck has 22,000 miles so they're pretty new and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them. You can see they're slightly dusty/dirty but I'll clean them up prior to sending. Probably should have posted them cleaned up but anywho...Contact me via text if interested (preferred method of communication since I'm not on here often) at 719-470-3867. $300 for everything.


  • Headlights.jpeg
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  • Headlights (Backside).jpeg
    Headlights (Backside).jpeg
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  • Taillights.jpeg
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  • Taillights (Backside).jpeg
    Taillights (Backside).jpeg
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  • Third Brake Light.jpeg
    Third Brake Light.jpeg
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  • Third Brake Light (Backside).jpeg
    Third Brake Light (Backside).jpeg
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Shipping will be included in that, unless it’s insanely expensive then I might ask to meet me halfway, but I can get a quote on how much it would be.