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SoCal Nobody's Tuning - YotaWerx SoCal tune install service - authorized VF Pro Tuner

Hello T3G!! Mr. Nobody of Nobody's Tuning here!!

Just wanted to give you all an update that as a long-time trusted member of T3G I am now affiliated with the Nexus Tuning Group!!

What this means is I am now able to offer T3G members and all of my customers what is in my opinion the best tune out there for the 3rd Gen Tacoma and other Toyota platforms. The Blackhawk family of tunes from Nexus Tuning has been continually developed over the last couple of years to provide the best combination of tuning possible for the 3rd gen 3.5 liter Tacoma for unrivaled performance in both gear shift algorithm table optimization, as well as horsepower and USABLE torque with the Dyno numbers to prove it!!

So if you are tired of the horrendous stock shifting in the 3rd gen Tacoma, and you could also be happy with some extra usable power, give me a shout!! You can DM me here or find me at any of the links below. 👇:cool:🤙

Thanks T3G!!

Website: Nexustuning.com
Instagram: @nobodys.tuning
Facebook: Nobodys.Tuning
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I got the tune from Mr. Nobody. All I can say is WOW! Shifting is like a real auto transmission. No gear hunting. Throttle response is great! I can't say if there is an improvement on fuel mileage because I can't keep my foot off the throttle. :ROFLMAO:. Thanks again.
Stoked you are digging the new tune @dsrtrcr !! Thank you for the incredible review!! 🙌🏼😁
It's official!!

We've been keeping this under wraps for some time now, but today we are excited to announce that YotaWerx Tuning has completed a merger and acquisition of Nexus Tuning Group, with Nexus Tuning developers and networked partners coming onboard with YotaWerx Tuning!

This means that Nobody's Tuning is now officially a part of the YotaWerx Tuning network!! 😎👍🏼

This merger enables us to continue to bring the community high quality tuning solutions while working on several projects at once rather than keeping them on the shelf for extended periods of time, and with several more locations available in-network, the availability of local support is that much more complete and easily accessible.

Today (23 Mar 2023) is the official date of the merger. Please be patient with us while we work hard to finish transitioning Nexus Tuning Group content and processes into YotaWerx Tuning. Services available will not be interrupted nor unavailable.

We appreciate the community's enthusiastic support. More big things to come this year, stay TUNED!!

Woohoo!! We launched our website!!


This will not only be a place for coordinating our Toyota Tuning, but also a travel blog, build specs, and all collaborative efforts from here on out. We have big plans for this site and invite you to regularly come.on back to check it out!!
Heads up that we will be attending a local meet and providing on site tuning on April 23rd at the Rigs and Brews event hosted by Duckfoot Brewing in San Diego, Ca. The event goes from 11a-2p, so don't miss out!! This is going to be an awesome event with a ton of great vendors, a rad location, and a phenomenal event organizer. Stop on by if you are in the area!!

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CqyRE_IvsHM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link