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New King Shocks 3.0 (front and rear )


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May 2, 2018
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Well sorry I’m late to post on here. But most of you guys that follow me and my shop www.rogue-offroad.com , have seen we got in the New 3.0 IBP King coilovers along with the 3.0 rear bypasses ! Yaaaassss! While we haven’t had the time to bolt these up and test on the shop Tacoma . We have a few customers on them . Soon we will have more feed back . And hopefully soon We can test them on the Tacoma.

Currently I’m finishing up some R&D on the 8112 Coilovers from Bilstein. We have determined that most 3rd gen will need a different spring rate, that’s if they are running a heavier setup up front (winch &bumper) Bilstein will be offering a “overland “ spring option. We have the springs already and can outfit you. They also may offer a shim for the top plate.

Now back to the Kings , we have a long history working with king . And like the 8112 we have been waiting for these for sometime now . Rightfully so ! 3.0s. 3in diameter shock with internal bypass and finned Resi. Oh yeah ! King has spent some time and have had these in testing on Ross Kings Tacoma for over a year now . One spin around the block left us like Wow! And then we waited . And waited and lost hope when we were told it’s probably not going to happen. But last year , we received word that it was given the green light. So months later we finally have them !

Again we soon will have more info up and some feedback from customers that are running them. Hopefully we will have videos .

For the most up to date info follow us on social media
@rogueoffroad on Instagram

If you have any questions msg us here , on IG or FB or give us a call.
702-907-3478 (DIRT)



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