NEW! Hi/Low Rear Facing Amber/Red Lighting

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Hey everyone. A lot of you have seen pics of my truck with our Hi/Low Chase lighting. These are a great light for the rear of your truck. We use amber led's or red led's with a diffused amber or red lens. We use a diffused lens so that when the light is on you are not blinding others behind you with a forward projection light/amber lens. All while providing full visibilty through the most extreme conditions. The high/low feature allows you to run the lights low and then tap the high into your break lights. They come in two colors Red/Amber, Flush-mounted or Standard, and in three different sizes. The lights are sold in pairs and they come with a harness, water proof connectors, fuse, stainless steel brackets/hardware, and a lifetime warranty. You can buy these at any accessory shop. Or on the RIGID Website. I am working on a Tacoma3g discount code. Until then just DM me. Here are some more pics and info.


Sedona 23.jpeg
Sedona 26.jpeg
House Demo 24.jpeg
House Demo 32.jpeg
Sedona 5.jpeg
Sedona 13.jpeg
House Demo 29.jpeg
House Demo 30.jpeg


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