New 2 time 3G owner

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First one I bought at the end of October 2018 was a 2018 TRD 4x4 Offroad, had only 890 miles when someone ran a red light and T-boned us, over $30,000 worth of damage and it was considered totalled.

My new one is also a TRD 4x4 Offroad but is a 2019.

Can't wait to start my new adventure with the Tacoma.
My last vehicle was a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. I did some upgrades and stuff to try and get it noticed, I used it as a conversation starter, I figured by now everyone knows someone who has deployed to a combat zone. People would approach me, we would talk and sometimes they are the Veteran or they know a Veteran who is struggling and since I am a US Army Veteran with 4 deployments ranging from Desert Storm to Iraqi Freedom and diagnosed with PTSD, I want to help those like me. I try to advocate and help other Veterans with PTSD. I have helped a few and led them in a direction to a better life. I do plan on doing something similar with my new truck. Any ideas for this will be appreciated.
Thank you for allowing me to join.
Harry Franco
Hidden Wounds Offroad

Here is a pic of my old Jeep


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Welcome to the forum. Same thing happened to my truck but it was only $15k in damage so it was repaired.

There’s a spot in your profile preferences to select that you are an Army vet if you didn’t see it.
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