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JusCampin's '17 DCLB TRD OR Build


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Jun 8, 2018
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2017 TRD OR DCLB Auto
Hello world! This thread will document the build of my 2017 Tacoma DCLB TRD Off-Road. The goal is to have a well equipped vehicle/camper for light to medium trail adventures.

This pic will be kept as current as possible to reflect changes.


Current Mods

Front Winch Mount - Relentless Fabrication Stingray
Front License Plate Mount for Winch Bumper - Warrior Products 2360
Camper Shell - Tradesman Truck Tops
Relocated Backup Camera - Camera Source CS-TAC-SKLP
Rear Recovery Point - Factor 55 Hitchlink 2.0

Mobile Phone Mount - Hondo Garage Un-Holey Dash Mount/Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount
Tablet Mount - Hondo Garage Big Squeeze Tablet Mount
Dash Accessory Mount - Expedition Essentials TPAM
Console Organizer - OCD Organizer/Tray

CB Radio - Cobra 75 WXST
Ham HT - BTech UV-5X3
CB Antenna - Larsen NMO27B
Ham Antenna - Comet SBB-224NMO Tri-Band
Antenna Mounts (front) - Tram 1246B NMO Trunk Lip Mount (2)
Antenna Mounts (rear) - Cali-Raised Bed Accessory Mount (Left and Right)

Ditch Lights - Cali-Raised 2x2 20W Osram Pods, Brackets, Wiring Harness and Toyota Style Switch

Hi-Lift Jack - Hi-Lift X-Treme Jack XT485
Recovery Rope - Bubba Rope 7/8" x 20' 28,600 lbs. capacity
Axe - Estwing E45ASE
Shovel - Bully Tools 92510

Hi-Lift Jack Mount - Relentless Fabrication
Axe and Shovel Mount - Relentless Fabrication
Bed Header Rail - Toyota PT278-35100-BH
Bed Supports - Total Chaos 48676
Wheel Locks - Gorilla Automotive 73631T (12mm x 1.5)

Deleted Mods
Front Recovery Point - Bullet Proof Fabricating Recovery Shackle Mount
Bed Liner - BedRug Classic Bedliner
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Let's see pics of that interior! I'm curious how you've got it all laid out. Adding comms equipment and mounts for a phone or tablet is on my list.
Wow you've got a good thing going. Definitely want to see more pics of your set up. Love it! :cool:(y)
The Expedition Essentials TPAM is the foundation for my Hondo Garage phone and tablet mounts. The tablet can be swiveled for easy use by the driver or passenger. I run the Gaia GPS app on the tablet when hitting the trails.


Today, I upgraded the USB plugs to the Blue Sea 4.8A model. I found I needed a little more charging power to my devices.

We installed the Relentless Fabrication Stingray this weekend. Next I'll be adding the Baja Designs S8 Driving/Combo light bar into the upper cutout in the bumper. For a winch, I'm going to get the Warn VR10-S. I used a Warrior Products license plate mount to keep things legal. It comes off easily to access the winch fairlead.

So... I was planning to order a Warn VR10 winch. It seemed almost perfect for this application. But I continued to look at the full range of Warns lineup and decided to bump up the performance and reliability. Today I ordered a Warn 9.5xp-s. I think we'll become very good friends over the years.