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Independence Day Sale 15% Off July 1-10

SOS Concepts

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Feb 1, 2020
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Independence Day sale is now open!

Here are the details: PLEASE READ ALL, then if there are any unanswered questions please post them up here or PM me.

Use code July04 at checkout for 15% off to be applied.

SOS Offroad Concepts contact info.
email: sosoffroadconcepts@gmail.com
Address: 970 Old Airport Road, Lauren's SC
Phone: 843-714-9854
website: http://sosoffroadconcepts.com/
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sos_offroadconcepts/

Please read FAQ page
No combined shipping

If there is an order for something that we currently do not offer on the website please email your order and we will invoice you, i.e. 5th gen 4runner hybrid bumper. We have posted some new items on the website as well.

Email ordering use this format please and use the email address on here over using the website email.
Contact number
Full details of the order
Discount code you are wanting to apply

15% off applies to fab work only, coatings and shipping do not apply

Current lead times (these may change at anytime, will try and keep updated as best as possible):
Steel Bumpers 8 weeks
Sliders 6 weeks
Rear bumpers w/ swingouts 12+ weeks
Aluminum orders 12+ weeks