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Hi all!


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Aug 14, 2018
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2016 TRD OR DCSB Manual
Happy owner of a 2 year old Tacoma, new to the site (yeah it looks pretty nice here!) but not to the brand. Came from a 2011 Tundra (yes I miss that engine) and two gen 1's prior to that (1997 and 2001).

The truck is a mostly stock Off Road MT with BFG's, 4Runner wheels, topper and a JL Audio system. No further plans but you never know. I'd upgrade the suspension if I spent more time in the dirt but stock seems to be a reasonable compromise for a daily driver.

Picture attached is from the first trip to Wyoming - fully kitted-out - a month after taking delivery. She has over 42k now.


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Sick looking quicksand rig. Welcome to the forum dude! You’re also our 1,000th member! Send me a message with your address so I can send you a few T3G stickers!
Welcome aboard.