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Hello from 802coma


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Nov 26, 2018
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Hey guys and gals! From Vermont and have a 17’ white TRDOR dcsb manual trans. Have done some things to it want to do more but looking to purchase a house in the near future (with a garage). Glad to be apart of a group of like minded people hear!

Things I’ve done so far....
-255/85 Cooper ST Maxx
-Pelfrybilt sliders
-Pro grille
-BR Overland Taco addict (Xmas gift)

Things I’m adding for next summer...
-KB voodoo mid height bed rack
-RTT of some sort
-Wrap for pinstriping protection
-various gear and storage items to organize the bed.

I’ll start up a build thread to track the progress of this truck. I also have a 99 tacoma that is sas’d with full width axles, full hydro steering and a full cage.

Cheers!! I’ll drop a pic I guess....oh and my co-pilot

Welcome! If you're looking to keep your soft topper and still want the rack, give our site a look. We make an awesome rack that fits around the soft topper. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with!
Welcome to the forum. I love that second photo you posted. Really pushing that ground clearance. You see a lot of 3rd gens in Vermont?