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GMarquez - '17 TRD Pro Super White Build


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Hello everyone,

It's GMarquez here and I know I'm probably going to get some hate for bastardizing my 2017 TRD Pro..... but IDGAF, I'm a grown-up and I do what I want. IG @grome.mrqz.

Haven't really done much to my Taco. Hell, I haven't even named her yet.

Here is the current list of what I have done followed by a list of what I have planned. Please feel free to opine and leave some helpful and/or critical criticisms.
- aFe Momentum GT Pro 5R Cold Air Intake System
- aFe Momentum GT Intake System Dynamic Air Scoop
- Pedal Commander
- SCS Ray10 17" Brushed Copper
- 275/70-17 BFG KO2
- BAK Revolver X2 Rolling Tonneau Cover
- Weathertech Floor Mats and Wind Deflectors
- Hondo Garage Ram phone mount
- BedRug Bedliner

On order
- Prinsu Roof Rack (est ship 14 June)
- Picking up used King Shocks 2.5 ext res front and rear on 31 May along w/Icon UCA and Icon Add-a-leaf. Swapping out OE TRD tuned Fox shocks

- SSO Slimline Hybrid bumper w/Smittybilt X20 winch and 30" Rigid Industries LED light bar
- C4Fab Sliders
- Magnuson SC (if they ever come out)

- A bed rack from KB Voodoo swapped with BAK Revolver X2 Rolling Tonneau Cover
- A RTT from either CVT or Tepui
- Some armor for the rear
beach taco.jpg


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Why would we give you shit for that truck. Looks sick. It’s bad luck to not have a name though.
Welcome. Those scs look fantastic. Where are you located?


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Welcome to T3G gmarquez gmarquez , Truck looks sweet! Looking forward to seeing the build progress. I think the next thing on your list should a name though...