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gaterose build thread


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May 27, 2018
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San Antonio
2017 TRD OR DCSB Auto
Blazing Blue Pearl
*** I have a tough time keeping this thread up to date so for more mods, updates, and photos check out my Instagram @elgaterose ***

Been watching this forum since it started up and finally got around to creating an account.

Here's my '17 BBP TRD OR 4x4 DCSB

Here she is the day I bought her -

And as she sits now on Icon Stage 1 with ET COs, Camburg BJ UCAs, 255/80R17 Ridge Grapplers on 17x9 Raceline Clutch, BAMF Sliders, SSO bumper with 9.5XP, RX350 BHLM Retrofit, and some lights and other goodies


My IG name is @elgaterose for anyone interested.

My previous builds
'13 Silverado
'03 4Runner
'00 Silverado

The wife's build
'14 4Runner
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Welcome to T3G! I dig where you have your truck at so far. The tires look beefy stuffed in there too. Any future plans?
Thanks guys!

Not anything big for a bit, I just got it in October and have dropped a ton on it. The wife is going to kill me if I spend much more. Next purchase will likely be skids or the OVTune or maybe that Magnuson supercharger if it ever comes out. But those purchases are a ways off right now.

Right now the only things on the table are minor electrical mods like switchback blacked out mirror signals, streamlight, an extra, constant-on 12v outlet, and possibly rock/courtesy lights.

I also put a JL/Kicker system in and made a fuse panel from acrylic for all the electrical accessories.




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I like them a lot, I actually ended up getting about .75-1 mpg better compared to the shorter but slightly wider 265/75R16 C rated Duratracs (these are E rated).

With the Icon COs set how Icon sent them, the driver's side front rubs barely on full turn with a little stuff. I think they're barely rubbing in the front and rear of the tire. They rub more flexing off road but not terrible. I need to crank the driver's side up a little more. The passenger side doesn't rub at all. I don't have any rear lift, I think it's around 1.5-1.75" up front.
Added a Homelink mirror from an Infiniti m35. $30 on eBay vs $200+ for the OEM one. Compass, dimming, and homelink work properly and I don't mind the orange compass for the money I saved.
Homelink mirror.jpg
Wow looks awesome man! Welcome!
Forgot to post the pics from my little off road trip with a couple local guys, 2nd gen Taco and 4th Gen 4R.





Video of me not being able to conquer this hill, FWIW I had a coworker's kid in the backseat who was scared half to death so I let off.
Wanted to add a couple of interior accessories so it gave me a chance to reorganize some of my wiring.

I decided to trim my fuse panel down, for some reason I was following the Pelfreybilt design and didn’t consider customizing it for my needs. Like access to the fuse box without unbolting the panel...



I also shortened the leads under my seat for my amp/dsp wiring and added a second fuse panel under the seat for the fix86 an extra (anytime) 12v outlet and an anytime dual usb outlet.

Ordered the wrong outlet from mictuning so I’ll have the right one tomorrow, it will replace the Qi charger switch since my phone doesn’t have that and I’ve seen nothing but bad reports about it’s functionality.
Minor off road trip this weekend, just mostly minor trails with a couple of 4wd spots


Buddy I was with decided to see if this was deep or not, it was.


This picture from July was taken basically out in the middle of where the creek is now.


Yeah we've had a lot of rain in the last few weeks and it was too wet to back out...



Did some minor off roading this weekend in order to get some sunrise photos. No shots on the way up because it was dark.



Went with my 4th gen 4runner buddy







Dented my engine skid pretty good here but luckily my Mobtown skid arrived the same day
Love the truck, two questions though. That front bumper is awesome, could I get a link? My googling has been unsuccessful. Also, was the Homelink mirror plug and play or did you have to do any modding? I'm under the impression it's plug and play.
Love the truck, two questions though. That front bumper is awesome, could I get a link? My googling has been unsuccessful. Also, was the Homelink mirror plug and play or did you have to do any modding? I'm under the impression it's plug and play.
Thanks! The bumper is from Southern Style Offroad / SSO. If you decide to order, PM me your email and I can "refer you" to the site then if you buy one they'll give you $100 off and give me a $100 gift certificate :cool:

For the mirror I had to splice the 3 wires, it was extremely easy. You can buy a plug and play one but it's $100+ more. Just search "homelink 2016 tacoma" on eBay for a plug N play one. The one I have is made for an Infiniti I believe.
Been a couple months since I updated this so here are recent updates

Mobtown skid trilogy and RCI LCA skids


KC Cyclone rock lights, did not see a reason for an extra switch so they come on with my cargo/bed lights. I suppose we'll have to see how the locations work out. All but the front are tucked slightly above frame rails. The only other option I saw was to go with 8 instead of 6.






I think they look pretty cool with the acrylic plates I put behind the BAMF logo on my sliders

I also bashed one of my SRQs on a rock ledge and replaced them with Marine SRQ2s diffused (couldn't pass up the price) slightly relocated to a safer position. I plan to try and replace the diffused lens with the clear ones from my old SRQs because the diffused lens really kills the output.

How'd you mount those cyclones?
How'd you mount those cyclones?
I bought a piece of 1-1/2" AL flat bar from Lowes then cut, drilled, and bent it. I used existing slider mounting bolts. If you don't have sliders, the holes are still there though.
After trying the faceplate and mic in a few locations, I finally got my HAM setup finalized. Sorry no picture of the transceiver but it's under the passenger seat screwed to the carpet.

Icom ID-880H
Diamond HRKS Adhesive Mount
Comet SBB-1 Flexible Antenna

[I got the Diamond NR770HRKS, so I also have the Diamond NR770HA in my toolbox if I ever need extra range)



Icom magnetic faceplate mount


Englarged one of the holes for the glovebox shelf and ran the separation cable through there.

Here where the antenna cable feeds in, the other wires are for rock lights and the CB antenna cable (I removed the CB for now until I get a smaller radio)

Bent the Icom mic holder to match the angle of the radio bezel as this seemed to be the most convenient spot.

A coworker 3D printed the RJ45 mount for me and I ordered some plugs to fill the hole when I don't need the mic. (Speaking of anyone needs one of these PM me, I had to buy like 50 and only need 1. glad to send you one for the cost of a stamp.)