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Gas Tank Skids


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Jan 7, 2020
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2019 TRD OR DCSB Auto
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SOS just released a new gas tank skid. This fits all trucks 05+
Weighs 25 lbs only.

Check it out, currently as a new release they are on sale.

Sport models will need to purchase fuel tank strap replacements as it wont mount up to OEM straps.

Also, use promo code uploadadv for 10% off your SOS Concepts order.
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I actually just got new gas tank straps so I can add a skid. Looks like I'll be adding this one. Way better price than the other 10ga models out there. Thanks for letting us know!
Yep! This one will also fit on the OEM straps as well!
With the promo code applied it’s like 150 ish shopped.
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Do you guys have 30 gallon tank?

Direct bolt on
This is for the OEM tanks on TRD Off Roads and Pros as is from the factory. Sports will need updated tank straps.

larger tanks like Long Range Tanks will have a different application

Skids in full production! 10 gauge steel will really protect that gas tank from any sort of damage.
These are still on sale for the time being! Remember to use discount code uploadadv for an extra 10% off!!
Add these to your skid plate trio and save even more on shipping. For anyone that doesn't know 10ga is in between 1/8" and 3/16" it's definitely stout enough to handle the bumps and bangs from impacts in that area of the truck.

For clarification for this to fit you need the TRD Off-road (pros have them as well) straps. If you have any other model you can get the OR straps and bolt this right up.