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Front bumpers currently in stock

Relentless Fabrication

Authorized Vendor
Tacoma3G O.G.
We've got several batches of front bumpers either in stock or nearing completion. If you've been thinking of one of our front bumpers and have been scared off because of long lead times, here is your chance to not wait :bananadance:

* 1st gen Tacoma - 2 tacked front plate bumpers w/ single cutouts (will be ready to ship in the next two weeks in bare metal)
* 05-11 Tacoma front plate bumpers - we have 3 w/ single fog light cutouts, 3 w/dual fog light cutouts
* 12-15 plate bumpers w/dual cutouts - 5 available
* 12-15 hybrid bumper (bare metal) - 1 available
* 2016 - Current, 3 tacked plate bumpers w/ single cutouts (will be ready to ship in the next two weeks in bare metal)
* 2016 - Current Tacoma Hybrid front bumpers. 2 available in bare metal)

See anything that catches your eye? Give us a call at 775-200-0544 between 9am-5pm Pacific (M-F) or email us at sales@relentlessfabrication.com to get your order in.

Relentless Fabrication
Update on inventory...

We're now sold out on all 3rd Gen Hybrid bumpers as well as the 96-04 Tacoma front plate bumpers.

Relentless Fabrication