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T3G Feedback and questions about Tacoma3G.com - How can our community and website be better?

Regional - I'd group them into larger regions. Less is more here since some people enjoy the travel part. Having more regions spreads activity too thin. With larger regions, people can go to their's and consider going to another event from seeing it. Broken down into more regions, they would miss it.
Combine them all into one section and then just make the current group of regions prefixes instead.
With the wiki pages, I’m trying to also cover common troubleshooting symptoms and good first places to check.
Do you think the main interface of the marketplace section should be photo-first rather than text-first? For example, should I look more like this page? https://tacoma3g.com/photos/
I'd say text. Can't always tell what's for sale in a picture. Sort of changes up things and gives a Facebook Marketplace vibe, similar to tacswap.com.
I think text would be better without disrupting things.
I’m trying to implement a new system to make this easier and more organized. They’re called tags but they’re not really hashtags like instagram, they’re more category tags.

You prob noticed some of them:

And here is what you would get when clicking one, using @Victory4x4 for my test: https://tacoma3g.com/tags/victory-4x4/

I think these categories make it a bit busy. It's one more thing to add tags and then they fall under categories. I'd say go for simplification before adding features. Start with what people are used to with basic forums, once that's stable, then add to it while retaining the fundamentals.