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Entune dropping calls


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Dec 17, 2018
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2018 Sport DCSB Auto
Silver Sky
I’ve had my Taco for about a month now and I’m having a problem with entune dropping calls. It’s happening about 75% of the time. I’ll attempt to make a call using entune and as the call is going through, the system will freeze and then completely restart. Has anyone else had this issue and is there a solution?
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I’ve had this issue with the last few Toyota’s between me and the wife. It restarts so much that now I think there’s a problem when it doesn’t crash and restart.
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I think the latest update was the one that removed Facebook, correct? That would be an easy way to check if you were up-to-date.
I don't have facebook on there so if what you're saying is correct, then I guess I have the most recent version.
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Your engines came with Facebook? That's strange hahaha
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