Dealers/Service Writers/Techs you trust and recommend (or don’t).


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I have yet to find one of these posts on T3G. If there is already a similar thread please lock this one and disregard.

Most of us are still going to require the need for a good dealership, service writer, or tech for the near future. If you have had good experiences with a particular dealership, why not share with others so they know where to go?

Post here if you have a particular dealership/service writer/tech you recommend and why.

Feel free to copy the format below for ease of use..

Dealership name:

City, State:

Phone number:

Service writer name:

Tech name:

Why you do/don’t recommend them?
Toyota of Carlsbad, CA Volume Dealer

05/29/21..they had a listing for a truck online, but when I asked about it, it was sold.. but then came right back and asked what I was looking for and Rebecca checked their advanced orders and found exactly what I wanted .. the build date was July 2nd, and expect delivery by the 12th. TRD Off Rosd with premium packages


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Mechanicsburg, Pa
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Dealership name: Rahal

City, State: Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055

Phone number: (717) 691-0500

Service writer name: ?

Tech name: Clown

Why you do/don’t recommend them?

I don't think I'm unreasonable to say these guys are idiots.

Gives me trouble with inspection. The one specific tech failed it because the light bar could be operated independently from the low beams. All the other techs all checked out my truck and said, "I'd pass that, it's on a switch." I had to go back multiple times to pass it. Solution: stuffed landscaping fabric between the lower grill and light bar. Considered a "cover".
I feel he combined two laws that are unrelated just to be a dick.


My friend was telling me he had to take his 4Runner in for inspection. They specifically told his dad it would not pass due to the light bars in the grill. When he went to pick it up, it was passed. Maybe it's a race thing.

Factory headlights. I installed XenonDepot HID Lows, XenonDepot LED Highs. DRL kept dying on the one side.
I've seen this happening to a number of Tacomas. They blamed XenonDepot lights. There's a thread on TW going over the same issue. He paid for some in-depth testing and all.


I told them it's a bad board and it died. They "found internal failure in light."


Happened again. They said, "Faulty headlamp assembly due to short circuit internal failure"


Happened a third time. Now they "believe non-Toyota LED headlight wiring may be affecting factory led durability. There is no evidence the LED DRL is defective and not eligible for warranty replacement."


They performed an oil change. Tech messed up. Wasted more of my time.


Did another alignment there. It was pulling. Tech is an idiot.


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