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Coopers ST MAXX


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Jun 19, 2018
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Look what was waiting for me when i got home today!
Look what was waiting for me when i got home today. Dam the 285/75/17 ST MAXX, they look huge compared to my Nitto G2's 285/70/17's ! These are going to look so good mounted cant wait!!!:p
I need a better Pic. Definitely need to get CMC, i did some plastic trimming and remolded some fender lining with heat gun.
That looks clean. You happy with them so far?
Yes very happy with them! Gives a bit more aggressive look and some extra height for clearance! Very surprised at how quiet they are on the highway, i cant tell the difference from the very quiet Nitto g2's!
What's your suspension setup? And if you know caster?
I dont know the caster . I am running Icon extended travel with 700lb coils up front with Icon tubular UCA's . Rear is Icon RXT RR 2.5 CDCV Adjustable with Icon Bump stops and Deaver springs. Will be going to add front icon Bypass setup sometime before next spring. Running Cooper ST MAXX 285/75/17's just added those couple weeks back. LOVE THEM!