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Cali Raised response and apology regarding recent events

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May 1, 2018
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Hello Everyone,

We wanted to take some time to address a recent issue that happened involving Cali Raised LED and a website ragofab.com. A number of people have posted and commented about the issue and it is time for us to tell our side of the story.

We used to be in a team with the Rago’s and used to sell their products on our website. Approximately 2 years ago our relationship with them failed. While there may be rumors about what exactly happened, without getting into our personal details, there was disagreement on both sides. There were choices made by both sides looking back now that were not correct. If we had a crystal ball and could see the future, we would have done some things differently as I am sure they would have as well.

During the height of the conflict we were in our shop trying to blow off some steam from the stress and were messing around. We were on godaddy and saw that the site was available and purchased it as a goof, as an inside joke that we thought was funny in the moment and redirected it at our website. It was not the correct thing to do, but at the time it helped relieve the pressure of a stressful event. After that day 2 years ago we made a decision to move forward and get to work, we moved on. We shipped orders, talked and met tons of wonderful people, went to events and wheeled with all of you guys, donated lots of products to charity giveaways and did our best to be part of this great community.

We grew as a company and as people and we moved on. However, we also forgot that we had purchased the website as we were busy. We also assumed it had expired and never thought to look back at it and take it down. But we failed to realized that our account was set up for auto renewal and the site remained up. As soon as we saw the first post we immediately realized the mistake and took the redirect down and turned it off. We realized it was not right and made it right as soon as we could. For the inside joke that has gone sour we apologize. To the Rago’s, we wish you the best of luck. If you want the website domain, let us know where to transfer it to for free.

To also be clear we ran the analytics on our website and we can see where every sale came from. NOT ONE SINGLE SALE CAME FROM THAT REDIRECTED WEBSITE. NOBODY WAS TRICKED OR SCAMMED!!!

Moving forward we have grown tremendously as a company. What was at first 2 young men selling LED’s 5 years ago, we have grown to a great team of 8 full time employees. We hired Chris from Apex Fabworks to join our team as an engineer and lead of operations, we also opened our joint fab shop with Apex so we could try to not make mistakes of the past. In the last 8 months alone, we have refreshed our entire product catalog and addressed any issues our customers had with previous products. We now have the control required to ensure parts were made to our high standards. All of our fabricated products are manufactured by our amazing team in house in our Buena Park, CA facility.

We have veterans, high school seniors, up and coming fabrication specialists, engineers, sales and customer service professionals, a warehouse team and a family of people that are trying to serve you within the best of their abilities. We are a family business, we are supporters of our great military and law enforcement/fire communities, we are all people. We are also hard working and busy. People have made comments about us not responding, that is not intended to be rude. It is because we are trying to serve you all. And we can’t do that if we are online fighting with people who for whatever reason don’t like us or like our competitors. We also don’t like drama and avoid it because we are professionals and want to focus on what brings value to all of you. At the end of the day we are all humans and we make mistakes. We also learn and grow. We are focused on staying positive and growing to be better people and a better company. Thank you to all of our supporters and customers, you people are the best and we are so grateful to all of you!!!!
Thanks Tyler! We just wanted to get our side out since there was some issues about it. But we will still continue to offer some great deals for the T3G community.
If the recurring payment for the website slipped past the bookeeper, fire the bookeeper. If the bookeeper told his boss about the charge and the boss did nothing, fire the boss.
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