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Topper / Camper Bakflip + Bed Liner Setup


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I am getting ready to get a Bakflip MX4 for my 2018 SR5 and was originally going to just get a bed mat; but recently I have been seeing more of the BedRug full bed liner and am considering buying that as well.

Does anyone here have this setup? will it work? If you do have it was it a PITA to install? Any advise, opinions and pics welcome.

Thanks in advance!!


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I'm not sure how the Backflip mounts but the BedRug ends below the rail so I can't imagine you'd have any issues. BedRug also makes a carpeted bed mat if you don't need the sides and tailgate carpeted.

BedRug has been around forever and makes a quality product. They can be a pain to install but that can be said for just about everything. Surface prep for the supplied tape is going to be the most crucial part.

IMO, the rubber mat makes more sense inside a tonneau, the carpet makes more sense for beds with toppers that you're going to be climbing into a lot or have pets riding in. The rubber mat will provide better slip resistance than the carpet and won't require hardly any cleaning.


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I have the bed rug, but just for the bed and not the sides. Chemical adhesive to attach two long Velcro strips to the bed and stick it on. It has grooves that mostly fit in line with the bed liner that comes stock. Cleans up easy and keeps things from sliding around. Dog likes to lay on it and we take it out of the truck for him to lay on around the camp fire when we are camping.


Tacoma TRD

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I have the full bed rug set up with a Bak Flip 4 in my 16 Colorado long bed, they both work together with no problems. Note that I resecured the bed rug Velcro strips to the factory rubber lined bed with 3M marine adhesive available in black. Plan on running this same setup in my Taco. I can provide photos of the installed setup if you like.
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Truck Brigade

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I see that I'm a little late to the party but I figured I would put my .02 in! As mentioned above, these products are certainly compatible with each other. I have run both setups in my personal vehicles. Installation is very simple. (The BedRug installs using velcro strips and the MX4 utilizes C-Clamps.) At the end of the day, it depends on personal preference. I find that many prefer Full BedRug due to aesthetics and the added protection it gives your side walls.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!