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About Us - Relentless Fabrication

Relentless Fabrication

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Our story started like many in the industry.

While working toward a Mechanical Engineering degree, Eric, having a 2007 Tacoma at the time just couldn't find a bumper that he truly loved. So he built his own, posted his creation on Tacoma World and others began responding saying they wanted one too.

Eric started building bumpers and other hard goods in his garage while still going to school for engineering. Demand continued to escalate so after a couple years he left college to chase his passion of fabrication and opened his first shop in Reno, NV. Over the next couple years the company grew into a larger space and began needing more help, where his wife started helping out with customer service, order management, communications, and marketing so Eric could focus on fabrication and getting more products out the door.

Now, nearly 10 years later we're still at it, currently in our 8,000 square foot shop located in Sparks, Nevada. A lot has changed but we're still a small team - now up to four total. We cut, fab, weld, and grind to make Relentless products look to be made from a single, formed piece of material. Except for the powder coating, we do everything in-house, with our own hands, and built to order.

Bumpers and hard goods that are built to a high standard of quality take time. Because of this, we'll answer any and all of your questions to make sure you are ordering the right product for your needs, be upfront on our lead times, and let you know how things are progressing when you call to check on your order.

While we are working at the shop a lot, the Relentless team is also avid outdoor and off-road enthusiasts. Whenever we can, an evening or a weekend, you'll likely find a few of the team on nearby trails in our latest build or enjoying a nice sunset at a favorite mountain camping spot. Get out and #findyouradventure even if just in spirit.

- be Relentless

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