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2020 Announcement

I saw that and immediately wondered if there's an argument that Toyota should upgrade my head unit because they stole Pandora from me. I actually used Pandora all the time and was pissed when my head unit lost that functionality. For me it actually was a selling point for the truck. Not the main selling point, or even a top one, but definitely a selling point I considered when buying the truck.
Agree. I would do a swap too if it’s an option. As long as they don’t ask for too much. It will be interesting to see what develops from this. I’m sure lots of people would want the upgraded system.
I'm curious if it's the same headunit with just different software. That would make the retrofit pretty easy.
I thought the shifting issue got solved with a recall?
They are worried more about CAFE rules and sales than a fix

Pretty much. The transmission issues aren't exactly impacting their sales. Tacomas are still flying off the lots, so what's to fix?