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2019 Tacoma from the PNW!


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Hello All,

I recently bought a 2019 Tacoma in December of 18, and I love it! I traded in my 2012 Dodge Charger, and i really had a tough time letting that thing go... but I absolutely love this truck.

I bought a Double Cab Short bed, TRD Off-Road, with a 6 inch lift sitting on 35's in the Cement color. It's a beautiful vehicle and I am excited to keep throwing more stuff on it (the damn money pit that it will become) and use it for some great adventures!

Hit me up and follow me on IG L Lifted_Tacoma.PNW

Looking forward to getting to know some people, whether local or distant, and see the community grow!


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Mr. Nobody

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Welcome! Good looking truck and it looks like you're putting it through it's paces on the beach!!