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Where are all of my access cab guys!?!?

Anyone in here interested in a Prinsu access rack? I decided not to install it since I went with a canopy
Thought I would join you guys with an access cab.....actually, the truck fell in my lap, it was ordered as a fleet trucks for a pest company, when they came into the dealership they decided they only wanted 5 not 6. It is a brand new 2023, AC 4x4 with rear seat delete in Magenta Grey. Had to drive 200 miles to pick it up but the dealership was great to deal with and they knocked $500 off the sticker price, Out the door price of just over 31 grand!
That is quite a good deal in todays market. I have driven 200 miles, or more, to buy our last 4 new vehicles (RAV4, Tacoma Sport, F150 V8 and Escape). My area does not negotiate much, if any, on prices. I have saved between $1500 and $2500 on all 3 vehicles.
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I think the AC's are more truck like than the DC's with the shorter bed. My buddy says the 5 foot beds are only good for transporting the drivers purse but then again he says, "I don't do 4 cylinders" but never drives over 45 mph! LOL!
I had 1 double cab and hated the short bed. I always put tool boxes in my bed. Not even a consideration in a short bed. I moved my youngest to college in that short bed. Last thing I did before buying another long bed.
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