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Whaddup Boosh


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Jun 15, 2018
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Hey bros, and non bros. Whats up? Whats the words birds? Whats the news dudes? Seems like we need a BS thread of sorts for the comings and goings of the "socal"area?Or maybe I am just bored and need help
GETTA JOB!!! j/k

I don't have one :I
Totally agree. Have been jealous of the AZ bubbas blowing it up every day and scheduling runs. Granted they seem to have more viable local spots than we do. Plus the occasional social meet would be good. I would appreciate meeting some of the SoCal clan and stealing some ideas.
Saw this venerable old gal today at work.

Lets get together sometime Mike! Would love to talk about some things 1v1 with you.
Thats a sweet ass truck! And hell yes, we should get together sometime. I just took a week long "off the grid" trip where I didnt do or respond to anything work related.