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Tip : Snowmageddon Driving


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Alright so, this may not be something new or this may juts be regurgitated information... if so I'm sorry.

Today was my first day driving my 2018 Tacoma in an accumulation of snow (2 - 3"). What I learned was that while in 4wd in this completely stock truck, it operates better with traction control disabled. All I did was simply disable the traction control with a single press, not a press & hold style. What this did for me was allowed me to stay in the throttle and counter steer while slightly sliding rather then have the computer drop power on me almost bringing me to a complete stop.

Now, that being said - nothing beats proper tires and the knowledge of snow driving but this is just something I learned coming from a 2006 Silverado 4x4 which powered through snow like a beast.


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Makes total sense with the traction control off. Makes donuts (snownuts) wayyyy easier too ?

I found that driving it like a stick (without a clutch lol) you touch your brakes far less. I also live in an area with tons of hills and curves so I’ve been driving like that with all my vehicles, since I learned how to drive. I do admit my truck did exceptionality well in the snow.

Bird dog

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Works the same way in loose sand especially if there is an incline.