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SW from RI


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May 31, 2018
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What's up everyone. My name is Voeun, I also go by Vee if you're afraid of butchering my name.

Just wanted to introduce myself and my Tacoma. This is my first truck and my first Toyota, however Toyotas have always been in my family. We practically grew up in my dad's 4runner, and when the 3rd gen tacoma was announced I knew I had to have one.

I wouldn't call my truck a build but here's a list of what's done and what's to come.

2017 DCSB OR
17x8.5 -10 SCS F5 w/ full sized spare
265/70/17 Toyo MT
Tyger steps
CaliRaised Bro grille
CaliRaised lopro ditch brackets
CaliRaised side projecting ditch lights
CaliRaised relay holder
CaliRaised switch panel
Morimoto 5500k HID
Baja Design squadron sport fogs in Amber
RCI alum front skid
RCI alum mid skid
RCI alum transfer case skid
RCI alum gas tank skid
Import Equipment tailgate and grille decal
Prinsu roof rack w/ 46" plano case
The case holds my recovery/airdown equipment.
SSO slimline bumper
Hondo garage unholy mount and radio knobs
46" hi lift jack w/ shmellfab adapter

To come:
Relentless full bumper and need to decide on a winch.
Real rock sliders

Thanks and see everyone around!